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Lauren Petlitchkov

When you're not sure who to call, what to say, or how to feel, I'm here.

Going through divorce or separation isn't something anyone looks forward to. I'm here to support you during this time to bring you confidence and clarity during this transition for you and your family. 


My Story

Hi there, I'm Lauren, and my journey into the world of law began with my graduation from law school. As I delved into the intricacies of family law, I quickly realized the profound impact legal processes can have on individuals and their loved ones.

In the midst of building my career, I found love and started a family, including the joyful adoption of my son. Yet, life took an unexpected turn, and I went through the challenging journey of divorce, focusing solely on my son's well-being. As a family lawyer myself, the complexities of co-parenting hit close to home, highlighting the need for more support during such trying times.

Through my personal struggles and triumphs, including finding love again and blending our families, I recognized the crucial need for dedicated guidance and support beyond the realm of traditional legal services and friendship. This realization ignited my passion for assisting others during the difficult season of separation, offering a compassionate hand to navigate the complexities of this transformative phase.

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Ready to Work Together?

During the challenging phases, it's absolutely okay to seek support. Take a look at my coaching packages if you need guidance through this journey.

My Packages
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