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with Lauren Petlichkov

The Support You Need During Separation

What does Divorce Coaching Include?
-one on one

-covering specific issues


-not therapy, not legal advice, ...

-how to negotiate 



Let's Get Started
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Divorce can be easy.

Tired of hearing about the nightmare divorces from your peers and convinced that your situation is the toughest? With kids in the mix, complex financial matters, and the emotional strain, it can all seem overwhelming.

However, drawing from my personal journey through divorce and a decade of accolades as a family lawyer, I'm here to assure you that there's a way to navigate your current challenges more smoothly. Together, we can create a manageable, less stressful path, allowing you to approach your future with renewed confidence and optimism for your family.


Divorce Coaching Package

What does option one include?




Book a call and I can answer your questions, we can get to know each other before you get started.

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Single Session, Targetted Call

Do you have one pressing issue you'd like support with?

Ex: "My ex is about to introduce his new spouse to my kids and I am not okay with that."

Book Your Session by clicking the button below and I can help.

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